Paraic Horkan on Midwest Radio – 31/10/2015

heather photoThe final show of the 2015 series kicked off with a look ahead to tasks over this weekend and into the coming weeks. Paraic advised that bulbs, trees and spring flowering plants  can still be planted with great options available such as winter heathers, cyclamens, wallflowers, garlic and onion sets all now readily available.c


rhododendron photo With leaf drop now is an great time to start a  composter and he advised that all non- stone fruits  can be  pruned now. Featured plants  included Bedfordshire Champion  onions, Beauty Bush,  Fushia  Million Bells  and Variegated  Rhododendron. Listeners  questions focused on on pruning  summer  flowering shrubs  and  roses, suitable trees  for an elevated site, re-potting lemon  plants, propagating apple trees  by cleft  grafting, setting young marigolds and lupins and suitable  trees for celebrating the  birth of a child.

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