October In Your Garden

“Like Spring, October is also the month for planting, in particular spring flowering bulbs, seeds of hardy annuals, fruit trees, hedging and climbers”Paraic Horkan

October is the month when we are truly into into autumn and winter is fast approaching.

The leaves are falling and colours are changing but many spring flowering plants are still providing beautiful colour throughout our gardens. Camellias, Rhododendrons and Azaleas still produce some flowers at this time of year.

Like spring, October is also a great month for planting. In particular spring flowering bulbs, seeds of hardy annuals, fruit trees, hedging and climbers. October is also the month when the beautiful Boston ivy turns a scarlet hue signalling the start of winter.

Check out Paraics list below of ten things he recommends for your garden.

10 things to do in your garden in October

1) Plant Spring flowering bulbs including tulips, daffodils and crocus bulbs now into patio planters and borders for great colour next spring. One of my favourite spring flowers is a Daffodil called Ice Follies which produce beautiful long stemmed white flowers with an exquisite yellow centre. Plant it now in groups in shrub borders and flower beds.

If you are thinking about planting a new lawn, shrub bed, hedging or fruiting plants then prepare the area by Killing off existing weed growth by applying Weedfree 360 weedkiller to affected areas, Weedfree 360 weedkiller will kill all weeds on contact without contaminating the soil. Weedfree 360 weedkiller can also be used to clear weeds on patio and tarmac driveways.

3) Moss growth is very strong this autumn. Apply PAC Moss control to patios, slates, tiles, driveways and footpaths now to kill unwanted moss and lichen growth. Simply mix with water and apply to affected areas in dry weather. Watch your moss disappear. For the lawn area, Zero lawn Moss Control can be applied to the entire lawn area. Apply through a Knapsack Sprayer or watering can to ensure an even spread across the whole surface. Zero lawn Moss Control can be applied in wet or dry weather.

4) Add autumn and winter flowering plants to your patio planters, window boxes and borders by planting winter flowering heathers, cyclamen, pansies, violas and trailing ivies. Before adding the plants place some spring flowering tulips and dwarf narcissus in the centre of the pots for some additional colour next feb and march.

October is the ideal time to take cuttings from your favourite plants including Fuchsia, Hydrangeas, Potentillia, buddleia, laurel and willows. Remember to dip the cuttings into Vitax Organic rooting powder to help with a stronger root development.

6) Apply an OSMO Autumn lawn fertiliser to your entire lawn area. OSMO Autumn lawn fertiliser greens your grass without forcing growth and helps to kill lawn moss.

7) Its time to plant Rhubarb in your garden; choose the early fruiting variety, called Timberely early for strong stems of rich red rhubarb. Remember to enrich the soil using organic compost before planting.

Graves can be brightened up now by planting some winter and spring flowering Cyclamen, Pansies, Violas and spring flowering bulbs. You can also place a planted container with winter and spring colour.

9) Start making a garden compost heap using fallen leaves, lawn clippings, shredded newspapers and uncooked kitchen organic waste. Remember to apply a dressing of Autumn Compost maker to accelerate to composting process, simply sprinkle onto the layers of organic materials to help the composting process.

10) Garden and song birds should be fed from now until late spring, Sunflower seeds, Wild bird mixes and bird peanuts will offer high levels of protein and energy for your garden birds. October is also a good time to clean out old nesting boxes as well as adding a couple of new boxes around the garden.

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