Paraic Horkan on Radio 1 – November in the Garden

heathers photoNovember is a time to plan & take stock of your garden, but it is still not too late to add some late autumn/winter colour. The current weather conditions are still good for planting. Plants like the Liquidambar Tree and the Leucothoe Red Curls have great colour at the moment. Also the Winter Heathers will have great colour until April and are great for pots, containers as well as planting out.

You can also plant perennial kitchen herbs, such as rosemary, theme, lavender or lemon balm, outside in your garden now. They will be able to survive outside this time of year. For example, lavenders can be planted in pots, containers or in the garden as they are frost hardy and they can be used all through the winter.

hostas photoNow is also the time to plan and improve your the garden. First you will need to assess your garden and take stock of your gardens performance this year. To begin, think of the awkward or tricky areas like corners, shaded areas, slopes or septic tanks and then consider them for replanting. For explain in shaded areas, you need to plant shade-loving plants like Hostas or Ferns which are great for foliage colour and look best if planted in clusters of three’s or five’s.

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