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Paraics Plant of the Month for June 2017

June is traditionally National Rose Month and Paraic has chosen beautiful scented Roses as his plant of the month for June.

Scented Roses have been chosen not only for their outstanding natural beauty, but also their versatility and ease of care. Voted the people’s choice, each year roses remain one of the best garden plants to add scent and colour to any garden.

Scented roses will fill your garden with a powerful mix of colours and scents to stimulate your senses as well as creating a lavish setting for you to enjoy. A few simple additions to your garden can boost its visual impact and Scented roses offer a really classy and versatile solution that you can tailor to your own preferences.

The many different colours and varieties available at Horkans allow you to create a garden tailored to your own taste. Come and visit us at your local Horkans Garden Centre to see how our in store experts can help.

Many of the modern varieties including the Flower carpet roses are bred to flower continuously from early June to early winter. They are disease resistant and really easy to grow.

Paraic recommend’s that you plant roses in groups of the same variety to create a strong stunning show of colour. Using the same variety will ensure they grow to a uniform height and all flower together. This will create an eye catching display from early summer all the way through to winter.

When planting roses, Paraic recommends adding Osmo pro 6 fertiliser to the existing soil. He also suggests applying a dressing of Rose Rescue to the stems and foliage to help keep your roses in tip top condition.

Dead heading fading flowers periodically throughout the summer will encourage new buds and flowers all summer long. Don’t be afraid to trim them back!

If you are unsure of what to do, come and visit us in store and we will point you in the right direction.

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