Paraic’s Tips for Your Garden in November

“Attract beneficial honey bees and butterflies to your garden next spring with a collection of scented spring flowering bulbs, rich in pollen and nectar”Paraic

This month Paraic talks about what you can do with your garden this November.

November is a time of change in the garden, with things really slowing down due to the arrival of winter. In spite of this there is still plenty to do which Paraic has outlined below.

Here are ten things to do in the Garden this November.

1) Fallen leaf litter, plants from your summer baskets, grass clippings, shredded newspaper, egg shells and tea bags all make ideal materials to help you create the perfect garden compost. November is the ideal time to start composting in your garden. Simply build the materials up in layers and add a handful of Garotta Compost Maker to each layer. Start now for heaps of beautiful rich compost next Spring.

2) Create a carpet of organic plants by sowing green manure seeds. Simply sprinkle Phacelia Green Manure seeds onto the bare soil and let nature take its course. Green manure seeds will germinate and cover the soil within weeks, you simply dig the green leaves and stems back into your soil in early spring.

3) Add some instant colour to patio pots, window boxes and flower beds with winter and spring flowering heathers, violas, pansies and bright cyclamens. Under plant with spring flowering Tulips including Scented Tulip collection and the beautiful two toned Pinocchio bulbs stunning in all patio planters and containers.

4) November is the perfect month to plant fruiting trees including apples, pears, plums and rhubarb. On existing apple trees, prune back the stems by two thirds and apply Winter wash to the stems, trunk and surrounding soil, to clean the stems of overwintering pests. Winter Wash can also be applied to roses and broad leaved trees from mid November.

5) After such a wet autumn, moss has spread to many areas including roof tiles, pathways, tarmac driveways and patios. Kill moss and algae now with PAC Treatment. Simply apply to any external hard surfaced area using a knapsack sprayer or watering can. PAC can be applied now to all hard surface areas to help control moss.

6) For a healthy, rich, green lawn this winter, treat your lawn to a dressing of Osmo Autumn Lawn Food. Osmo greens without forcing growth.

7) Continue to plant winter and spring flowering bulbs. Paraic recommends Crocus Cream Beauty for pots and containers and Fritillaria Dwarf for shrub beds and borders. Plant bulbs in clusters of five or seven for a clump forming display of colour.

8) Attract beneficial honey bees and butterflies to your garden next spring with a collection of scented spring flowering bulbs rich in pollen and nectar. Choose the Bees and Butterflies bulb collection from Taylor’s Simple to grow providing you with a stunning show of colour next spring. Plant this collection directly out into your garden soil or in pots and containers.

9) Remember winter is coming and garden song birds need to build up fat reserves to help them survive the colder winter months. November is the ideal time to start feeding wild birds in your garden with high protein Chirpy Peanuts and high protein Sunflower seeds.

10) Last but not least, now is a great time to sharpen and oil your garden tools before you put them away for the winter. This is important in order to maintain your tools and ensure their longevity.

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