Paraic’s Tips To Kill Moss On Your Lawn

At this time of year lawn moss is a real problem for people looking after their lawn. As Paraic has outlined above, the wet weather we experienced over the summer and into the autumn has contributed to ideal conditions for its growth.

Follow these three simple steps outlined by Paraic to get your lawn moss free and looking great.

1) Kill all moss with Zero Lawn Liquid.

One of the best methods to control and prevent moss infesting your lawn is to treat the entire lawn area with a treatment of ZERO Lawn liquid. Simply mix with water and spray or water onto the entire lawn area. ZERO Lawn Liquid works rapidly; killing lawn moss right down to the root structure. ZERO Lawn Liquid should be applied using a clean Knapsack sprayer or watering can and applied in dry calm weather when rain is forecast. Make sure the treatment is ONLY applied to the grass area, do not apply or let it drift or splash onto walls, concrete, tarmac, kerbing or gravel areas. It should be applied to grass areas only. If it drifts/spills onto hard surface areas wash off immediately.

Application Rate: 1 to 10
1 litre of ZERO Lawn Liquid to 10 litres of water.

1 litre of ZERO Lawn Liquid will cover 400 sq yards
If your lawn is very prone to moss: apply ZERO Lawn Liquid every 4 – 6 weeks especially during the Autumn and Winter months.

2. Green your lawn with OSMO – Two days after ZERO is applied

OSMO Moss remover is a special blend of slow release fertilisers. We recommend you apply ZERO Lawn Liquid to your lawn before using Moss Remover. OSMO greens your lawn without forcing growth. The special slow release lawn fertiliser is a complete mix of major and micro nutrients specially designed to green your lawn for up to three months. Apply evenly over the entire lawn area spread through a lawn spreader. Osmo will not damage tarmac or patio areas and is also safe for children & pets. The lawn can be mowed one day after application.

1 x 25 kg bag of Moss remover will cover 400 sq yards in Spring & Summer (is ZERO is used first)

3. Kill weeds with Dicophar – One week after OSMO is applied

Dicophar Selective Weedkiller for Lawns provides effective control of clover and all major lawn weeds. The high strength weed killer shows effective results in short periods. This is an essential product to maintain a healthy weed free lawn. Dicophar Selective Weedkiller kills persistent broad leaved weeds without harming your soil. It can also be used on sports turf and amenity grass. For best results apply if 24 hours of dry weather is expected but do not use on a windy day.

Application Rate:
100 to 1: 100 ml of Dicophar to 10 litre of water

1 litre of Dicophar will cover 1200 sq yards

Please read label for full instructions
Always wear protective gloves and mask
Keep weedkiller in container provided
Keep animals and pets away from treated area until dried into grass

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