How to grow your own onions

Grow your own Onions

Onions are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. See our range of onion bulbs.

Soil Preparation
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Onions are easy to grow from sets and shallots. Onions can be planted on a regular basis. Planting every two to three weeks will ensure a regular supply of salad Onions and larger bulbs all summer and autumn. Soil can be enriched by adding manure and compost to your existing soil. Onions and Garlic benefit from been planted early in spring, this ensures strong growth and larger bulbs in late summer.

We advise planting Onions little and often to give you plenty of pickings from early summer right up until late winter.

Horkans Recommend:

Red Baron
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 The best of all the red skinned varieties, it is packed with flavour and has a nice  mild taste that is perfect in salads, stews, casseroles and fried with steak. Red  Baron forms perfectly round good sized Onions that store from September to April.

Stuttgarter Giant

A very reliable, mid-summer variety. They produce good sized Onions with an excellent flavour from mid-summer until early winter. The flavour is sharp and is ideal for serving with steak, stewing and roasting.

Longor Shallots

The Longor Shallots are a super variety with an excellent full flavour. These French Shallots are good sized, long shaped Onions and are ready from mid summer. Longor is the best French Shallot variety for storing from autumn until late spring. They have excellent quality, pink skinned flesh and produce a good yield. They are ideal for growing in vegetable planter pots or in borders and are highly recommended by the team at Horkans.

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 Sturon are an exceptionally heavy cropping onion. Sturon is one of the best  maincrop Onion varieties and is super in salads, stews, frying and perfect for  pickling. They are very slow to bolt  and so are ideal for west of Ireland growing  conditions. They store very well through winter and spring and produce large  round golden bulbs from mid summer onward.


Golden Gourmet
Golden Gourmet produce large ‘Dutch Yellow’ round Onions from late summer onward. They have excellent flavour, store well and are resistant to bolting. They come highly recommended.

Pikant is a modern variety, grown for flavour and their high yield. They have an excellent flavour and are easy to grow. Pikant produces a large crop from mid-summer onward.

garlic photoFrench Garlic

French Garlic is so easy to grow, producing wonderful fresh Garlic clumps ideal for flavouring any dish. Garlic can also be used to protect many vegetables from pest damage – the smell keeps them running!


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