Grow your own Potatoes

potatoes photoHome-grown Irish Potatoes are simply the best – just add butter and salt and nothing tastes better. Potatoes can be grown even in the smallest section of soil and are ideal for growing in bags and pots, to give you lots of great-tasting Potatoes which are easy to crop and care for.

Sprout early seed Potatoes in March, indoors in a bright frost-free location for planting out in April. Tried and tested varieties include Sharpes, Colleen and Orla.

potatoes photo Good soil preparation is important – ideally use ground where Potatoes have  not been grown for several seasons. Add some organic farmyard manure or  organic chicken fertiliser as potatoes are hungry feeders and appreciate plenty  of nutrition throughout the season.


Top Tips

  • Potatoes do great in raised beds, grow bags and pots.
  • Remember to add organic chicken manure fertiliser when planting
  • Add sulphate of potash during earthing up to ensure a nice floury dry Potato!

At the end of the day, nothing beats a delicious home-grown Irish Potato.  You can enjoy them boiled, baked, chipped, roasted and fried!

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