How to Plant Flower Bulbs

Follow our simple steps to get the best from your bulbs!

Ideal steps for beginners!

Flower bulbs are the most foolproof flowers to grow. Flowering bulbs look better if planted in groups of the same variety and in odd numbers. Bulbs are ideal for filling gaps and adding a splash of vibrant colour.

Now you are ready to get planting!

1. Mix the compost into the soil to add nutrients to make it a more favourable environment for the bulbs to grow.

2. Dig a hole wide and deep enough for the bulb.
Top Tip: the depth of the hole should be 3 bulbs deep and 2 bulbs in width apart.

3. Place one bulb in the hole with the sprout facing up.

4. Gently cover the planted bulb with the soil and compost mix.
Top Tip: To promote big bright colourful flowers, feed the bulbs as the new shoots start to appear. Continue to feed right through the flowering season.

Top Tips!

If planting in containers the same steps apply as above, just add more compost to ensure nutrient rich growing environment for the bulbs throughout the season.

Prolong the flowering period by removing the faded blooms and feeding weekly with Plant Food.

If you are not ready to plant the bulbs into their final flowering position, simply pot them up with compost allow them to grow on and move them to the final position before they begin to flower.

What to plant when:
Plant spring flowering bulbs

Plant summer bulbs in early spring

Plant autumn bulbs by late summer.

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