how to grow a perfect lawn with Horkans

How to Sow a New Lawn

  1. Ensure the ground is free from existing grass and weeds by spraying the existing cover of growth with ‘Weedfree 360’ weed killer. ‘360’ will kill both annual and perennial weeds once sprayed onto the existing foliage. It does not contaminate your soil and becomes inactive once it touches the soil.
  2. Leave the treated area for approximately 10 days, until the existing weeds have turned yellow.
  3. Dig the soil to a depth of at least 10 inches.
  4. Remove existing stones or debris from the soil.
  5. Rake, firm and level the soil to create a seed bed free from stone or debris. The new seed bed should be firm under foot at this stage.
  6. Add lawn fertiliser to the new seedbed. Rake into the top 6 inches.
  7. Spread Green Velvet lawn seed evenly over the entire seedbed. Green Velvet is a hardy dwarf lawn seed, which creates a rich green, hard-wearing lawn that is easy to trim and maintain.

Caring for your new lawn.

lawn photoYour new lawn should appear within two to three weeks. The lawn fertiliser will encourage a strong rich green colour and build strength into the new lawn.

Any young weeds that may appear with the germinating grass will be controlled by mowing.

Mow the young lawn approx 6 weeks after sowing or when the grass is approx 2” in height. Collect the grass clippings and remove to the compost heap.

Do not feed your lawn with granulated lawn fertiliser for 6 months after it germinates as this can cause scorching and damage to the new soft grass.

The following spring apply a dressing of lawn fertiliser in April and June.

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