November in the Garden

poppy photoSow flower colour for next Spring and summer. Use Easy flowers seeds from Westland.  Easy flowers can be simply sprinkled onto your garden soil, raked in and will germinate during the winter and spring periods to reward you with a super show of flower colour next spring and summer. Easy flowers are perfect for children to sow their own flowers.

The Bare Root Season has started – It’s time to plant Laurel and beech hedging plants as bare rooted plants now for a strong well rooted hedge for next spring.Laurel and beech can be planted two plants per meter for a solid dense hedge.

Take cuttings from your favourite plants. Use Strike rooting powder on the base of the cutting stem to ensure strong roots for next spring. Hydrangeas, fuchsia, dogwoods, Spiraea, and all common garden plants can be propagated now from cuttings.

Winter flowering shrubs including Mahonia Charity, Viburnum eve price, Christmas roses, sweet box and Witch hazel can be planted this month for some welcome colour during the winter and spring months.
Blue bells, Snowdrops and Crocus Orange  bulbs need to be planted in the next two weeks to ensure good rooting and a good show of colour in January and February.

November is also fruit planting time in the garden, Dwarf Apples , pear, plum and cherries can be planted this month. Remember to add organic compost when planting and to stake all newly planted trees to ensure strong rooting during the winter.

Rhubarb and strawberries can be planted this month, remember to add plenty of organic farm compost to the planting hole and enrich the soil with Osmo pro 6 fertiliser when planting.

green moss photoGreen moss and lichen on patios, driveways and on house slates can be removed with an application of PAC Moss treatment. Simply mix the PAC moss treatment with water and apply directly to the effected hard surface area. The moss and lichen will die and wither within days. PAC will also help to clean the area leaving it in tip top condition. Apply in dry weather this month.

Its time to clean out your poly tunnel and greenhouse of old tomato, pepper and cucumber plants. Remove and store all fruit and simply remove to the compost heap, any of the summer fruiting glasshouse crops. Wash the glass or polythene with Easy clean treatment – It cleans old moss, algae, pests and diseases from your greenhouse or tunnel
Green Manure seed can be sown during November on bare patches of soil in your veg and fruit garden. The green manure seed will germinate during the winter months producing a green carpet of organic fertiliser that you simply dig in next spring before planting your summer vegetables. A packed of green manure seed will cover approx 50 sq meters on bare soil. Green manure also helps to prevent weeds from growing.

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