Paraic Horkans Top Gardening Tips for December

Paraic’s Top Gardening Tips for December

e837b50f28f0043ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6d010b5104290f8c3_640_mossDecember is the ideal month to reapply a dressing of Zero lawn moss Control to your lawn. Zero kills lawn moss quickly without turning the lawn grass black. Apply Zero every six to eight weeks during the winter months.

Control pests in greenhouses and poly tunnels now by lighting a Forte fumer smoke pest bomb. Simply place in the centre of your greenhouse, light the fuse and close the vents and doors. The smoke will get into all areas in your greenhouse and clean out over wintering pests.

autumn photoFallen leaves and garden leaf litter makes for perfect home made garden compost – Simply collect the garden leaves, add some household organic waste including shredded newspapers, egg shells, tea bags, vegetable peelings and fruit. The key ingredient to add is some compost maker Compost Maker which helps to activate the beneficial bacteria that breaks garden and household waste into beautiful beneficial compost.

Install a water storage butt into your garden to help harvest free rain water. Rainwater is the cleanest water you can drink or use in your garden, it’s chemically free of chlorine and fluoride and your plants will just love it. Simply install a water storage butt now to a water downpipe on your greenhouse or home and enjoy lots of fresh clean water next summer.

ee35b90628e91c72d252440dee4a5b97e772e5d11bb8164795_640_rose-winterPrune back your roses, apple and pear trees this month, remember to remove all dead or damaged stems firstly and cut back healthy shoots to an outward facing bud. After pruning apply a dressing of winter tree now which kills off winter pests and diseases, simply spray onto your fruit trees and roses after pruning.

December is also a great month to propagate your own plants from cuttings. Hydrangeas and roses can both be slipped or propagated from stem cuttings. Simply cut a stem 10 inchs long, remove all the leaves and flowers, cut the stem below a node and dip the cut stem into rooting powder and place the cutting into a large pot or tray of compost with added perlite and Rootgrow. Your new plants should root in early spring and can be planted out into the garden.

Tender plants including Camellias, Pittospornums, and young cordylines can be given added protection by covering with Easy Fleece Jackets Simple drop the Easy Fleece Jackets around the stems and foliage for added protection. The garden fleece can be left on the plants for several weeks or simply during frosty weather. Plant protection jackets can also be slipped over the entire plants

December remains one of the best months to plant Beech hedging plants, Purple and green beech can be planted this month to form a strong screen to provide shelter and privacy to your garden and home. Beech hedging is easy to grow, very hardy and adds fantastic seasonal colour in any garden. As a hedge beech is easy to maintain.

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