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Osmo Moss Remover

Kill Lawn Moss & Feed Your Lawn

Osmo Moss Remover is a special blend of slow release fertilisers and moss control ingredients which kills lawn moss at the roots resulting in the death of moss cover in lawns. Moss will die within 2 - 3 weeks of application. Osmo Moss Remover greens your lawn without forcing growth. The fertiliser comprises of a special slow release formula, with a mix of  major and micro nutrients specially designed to green your lawn for up to three months. One bag of Osmo Moss Remover will cover 200sq yards - greening your lawn and killing unwanted moss.

Special Features:

  • Kills lawn moss from the roots up without turning the lawn black - moss will simply go brown and wither away
  • Easy to apply - the large granules are spread through a lawn spreader for an even application and covers up to 200sq yards
  • Feeds your lawn without forcing growth and kills lawn moss within 3 weeks of application
  • Will not damage tarmac or patio areas 

Directions for Use:

  • If possible, cut your lawn a few days before applying Osmo Moss Remover - this will make it easier to apply
  • Mark out 200sq yards using a cane or marker to identify the area to cover
  • Apply Osmo Moss Remover granules evenly through a lawn spreader - do not spread over a a larger area than 200sq yards as this will dilute the effect
  • Osmo Moss Remover firstly kills the roots of the lawn moss. The moss goes yellow and dies within a three week period (depending on weather). The fertiliser will green your lawn within 2 weeks of application and will feed your lawn for up to 3 months
  • Apply a dressing of Osmo Lime Pellets one week before you apply the Osmo Moss Remover to help prevent the return of lawn moss

Paraic's Tip: Use Osmo Moss Remover and Osmo Lime Pellets together for a lawn to be proud of. Check our our new Lawn Care Kit, which includes Osmo Moss Remover, Hytrol Weedkiller and Patch Magic for repairing bald patches in lawns. 

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